What you need to know about dental implant treatment in Beverly Hills

Dental Implant Treatment at Beverly Hills Dental Health & Wellness in Beverly Hills Area

There are several time-tested methods for replacement of missing teeth, yet only one technique duplicates the function of the entire tooth, from root to crown – a dental implant. With a holistic approach to this advanced treatment, Dr. Sanda Moldovan in Beverly Hills, CA restores smile appeal, reinstates chewing function, and preserve facial appearance. Understanding implants When a tooth is lost, the crown is noticeably missing. That is the enamel-covered portion that extends beyond the gum line, showing when you smile and speak, and letting you bite into foods. The crown, however, is only half of the tooth . . … Continue reading

Bad breath: why does it happen and where to find treatment options in Beverly Hills

Bad Breath Treatment at Beverly Hills Dental Health & Wellness in Beverly Hills Area

Maybe your perfect date ended abruptly at the first kiss. Perhaps your best friend recoiled when you leaned close to whisper a private comment. That’s when you realize that your bad breath is worse than you realized. Now your top priority is figuring out what caused it and finding an effective treatment. Where should you turn? If you are in or near Beverly Hills, CA the answer is Dr. Sanda Moldovan. As a Periodontist and Nutritionist, she is an expert in two of the most common causes of bad breath. Bad breath explained Known medically as halitosis, bad breath is … Continue reading

Holistic Yet High-tech O3 Dental Cleanings Exclusive to Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness

Unique Dental Cleanings at Beverly Hills Dental Health & Wellnes in Beverly Hills Ca Area

Our anti-inflammatory, anti-cavity cleanings are tailored to a patient’s individual need. A unique blend of natural antioxidant and immune-supporting products makes us one of the only offices in Southern California to offer this. Since ozone is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, we believe in investing the extra expense to ozonate our water (a practice more common in Europe) for the best teeth and gum care, which translates into whole body wellness. While most offices traditionally scrape and polish teeth, without much cutting–edge change, Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness cleanings offer the exclusive combination of Air Flow … Continue reading

Don’t Let COVID Keep You Away From the Dentist!

Don’t Let COVID Keep You Away From the Dentist!

It’s not uncommon for many people to look for the slightest excuse to put off a visit to the dentist. I could fill a blog with some of the more creative ones. The COVID pandemic, rightfully so, has made a significant portion of the population steering clear of dental appointments. According to a June 15 survey by the American Dental Association, patient volume has decreased to 65 percent since COVID struck. It’s important that you look after your oral health as seriously as you tend to other medical concerns and not wait for a painful problem to hit your mouth … Continue reading

Beverly Hills, CA, dentist helps patients understand more about tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction Dentist in Beverly Hills Ca Area

Finding out that you need to have a tooth extracted can be a scary moment. However, many adults will have this conversation with their dentist. Dr. Sanda Moldovan is a trusted dentist in Beverly Hills, CA, who has helped many patients understand why a tooth may need to be removed, how the tooth extraction procedure works, and tips for post-procedure oral health care. Common reasons for extraction Wisdom teeth: These teeth, which typically erupt during a person’s teen years are simply an extra set of molars.  In some cases, an individual may not have enough room in their mouth for … Continue reading

Effective treatment of jaw cavitations in Beverly Hills, CA

Effective Treatment of Jaw Cavitations in Beverly Hills, CA Area

Jaw cavitations are serious oral health problems that are not well understood by a large part of the dental community. Many patients who have cavitations do not have easy-to-diagnose symptoms, and may not even have pain in the area of cavitation, which can lead to many fruitless dental visits, frustration, and pain. At Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness in Beverly Hills, CA, periodontist Dr. Sanda Moldovan is experienced in identifying and providing effective treatment for jaw cavitations — even when you have vague symptoms — so you can get out of pain and back to your normal life. What … Continue reading

Beverly Hills dentist helps patients find relief from snoring and sleep apnea

Did you know that sleep apnea affects millions of Americans, yet many are unaware they even have the condition?  Sleep apnea is a serious disorder, negatively affecting the quality of sleep, and putting patients at risk for severe health ailments . While common, the condition often goes unnoticed until patients are made aware of their excessive snorting from a partner. The good news is that relief can come quickly, in the form of a simple oral appliance. At Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness, we help many patients find relief from snoring and sleep apnea. What is sleep apnea? As … Continue reading

What are ceramic implants and how are they different from titanium?

For a long time in history, dentures were the only tooth replacement option available to patients. However, now, dental implants are considered one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth because they offer unparalleled functionality, strength, and durability, and they look and feel just like a natural tooth. Titanium is the material most commonly used for dental implants, but non-metal dental implants, made of ceramic — or zirconia — dental implants have also been on the rise in recent years. Below, Dr. Sanda Moldovan, dentist in Beverly Hills, CA, explains what ceramic implants are and how they are … Continue reading

Dentist in Beverly Hills explains what a dental CT scan is and its benefits for your oral health

What is a dental CT scan in Beverly Hills area

Dental technology has come a long way since the time-consuming, painful x-rays that you probably remember from when you were a child. While x-rays can provide basic information about what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth, they are limited in what they can tell a dentist about the true health and structure of your mouth. This is because they only provide one angle, which can obscure underlying conditions or prevent an accurate diagnosis from being made. For this reason, Dr. Sanda Moldovan in Beverly Hills, CA recommends that her patients receive dental CT scans. Below, she answers commonly … Continue reading

Patients in Beverly Hills ask, “Why are dental implants becoming so popular?”

Why Are Dental Implants Becoming So Popular in Beverly Hills area

For most computer users, the “undo” button is a dear friend. Something important gets deleted, and you can bring it back with a click. If only real life were so simple. Wouldn’t you love to “undo” that knocked out tooth? If so, then you can understand why dental implants are becoming so popular. Beverly Hills Dentist, Dr. Sanda Moldovan, has a reputation for exceptional cosmetic outcomes, with a uniquely health-oriented approach to dentistry. Therefore, many people with missing or badly damaged teeth come to her for smile restoration – and they are not disappointed! The importance of replacing missing teeth … Continue reading