All-on-4 dental implants change lives in Beverly Hills, CA

For most people, going without teeth, even for a short period of time, is unimaginable. The embarrassment and impact on speech and eating can be avoided with All-on-4 dental implants from Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills. Women and men from far beyond Beverly Hills, CA trust our Board-certified periodontist and expert prosthodontist with their new smiles.

The All-on-4 concept

The All-on-4 technique uses as few as four specially-designed dental implants to hold a whole arch of teeth. Forward implants are straight, while posterior implants are precisely angled, for best utilization of available bone. Usually no bone grafting is necessary.

The denture is made of lightweight acrylic on a titanium frame. Teeth may be acrylic, composite resin, or ceramic. Since the denture is fixed, the upper prosthetic does not cover the palate. This allows natural temperature sensation and taste, and dramatically improves adaptation.

All-on-4 Before and After results of actual patients

Benefits of All-on-4 dentures

  • Teeth right away! In most cases, implants can be loaded as soon as they are placed into the jawbone. You go home with a full smile, and immediate chewing function.
  • Incredible stability. Implant-retained dentures do not wobble, slip, or pop out unexpectedly. You will discover unexpected confidence in smiling, laughing, speaking, kissing, singing, and eating.
  • Cost-effective. All-on-4 costs less than individual dental implants to replace each missing tooth.
  • Shorter treatment and healing time, without the need for bone grafting and with the ability to load immediately.

Her dental implant experience has made Jackie B ‘one happy client’ in Beverly Hills!

Her dental implant experience has made Jackie B ‘one happy client’ in Beverly Hills!
Watch this “very happy client” describe her implant experience at Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness. She can now eat anything, smile, and be proud of her mouth. Call (310) 692-7855 for top biological, biomimetic dentistry that uses non-metallic techniques.

Before I came to see you, my teeth were always an issue, from the time I was little I have had every procedure or surgery or periodontal work that you can imagine and always it was just it felt more like a band-aid than a fix. Well for one thing before I came to see you, I could not chew on either one of my back sides because those teeth had been removed and so now, I have a full mouth of her full set of teeth if you will however you want to phrase that. So that my life is certainly easier in that regard and I’m not self-conscious. I’m not hiding my mouth or doing anything like that. I’m just proud and I can smile and I can eat and I can do everything I couldn’t do before. When I first came into your office, I came for a consultation and I knew I was going to have to have a couple of implants and whatnot but after the first visit and discussion we knew that for I knew that I was just going to do it all and so that’s what I had done. I had every tooth taken out and I had the implants put in, and that’s what I have now. The process was easier than anyone would have ever imagined and my son dropped me off I went into the room as far as I can remember there was no pain involved at all. I came out of the whole thing I said you know I think I need a cup of coffee and that was about it and I took a little rest and then I was fine. The next day I had my son take pictures of me because we couldn’t believe there was no swelling or if there was it was so tiny it was minute. I’ve had periodontal work that was 10 times harder. The treatment I would say impacted my life in a way that and not that anything I was looking for but I feel like I I have a little bit more youth in my in my little mouth area. I’m not as sunken as I was because I have teeth there and you know I just have a beautiful smile now. I can recommend this treatment as I said before, it was it was really easy. I can recommend Doctor Moldovan and Doctor Megami because they are incredible. They are so cutting edge they’re so special I just I cannot say enough about these two women. I love everything they do. I love this office I never dread coming to the dentist so that’s really a nice treat. I’m Jackie Berry, I am a very happy client.

  • Natural appearance. Other people probably won’t realize you are wearing dentures.
  • Easy care. Don’t worry – our hygiene team will show you how to keep your mouth fresh and your smile sparkling.

Are you ready for rapid improvement in quality of life? Call the All-on-4 dentist known for transforming smiles – Dr. Sanda Moldovan. The number in Beverly Hills, CA is (310) 692-7855.

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