Dr. Syrus Elicus

Dr. Syrus Elicus

Dr. Syrus Elicus is a General Dentist who obtained his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at UCLA and went on to do research in Brain mapping, Neurophotonics, Bone Regeneration, and Integrative/Holistic medicine before getting his dental degree also at UCLA.

Dr. Elicus is a member of the IAOMT and certified in SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) and Diode Laser Certified. His passion for dentistry extends toward the underserved community where he volunteers at Homeless, not Toothless, an organization dedicated to providing free dental care to homeless individuals, vets, and women of domestic abuse.

My philosophy and approach to being a Dental Provider come down to three main concepts. First and most foundational comes making all my decisions using my heart as a compass and holding compassion for my patients. I like to always envision it as myself or a loved one in the chair and doing what is truly best for the patient. I know what it is like to be taken advantage of in the healthcare field and be pushed down paths that end up being a burden to both my health and my wallet. I made a vow that once I became a clinician, I would hold the highest of ethics for my patients.

Most patients, by the time they come to a holistic dentist, have been on quite a journey with their health, and I am here to honor that path and make your journey easier. Secondly, I have a strong passion for using state-of-the-art technologies to provide the highest quality of care, which can range anything from lasers to new composite materials that will make your fillings last much longer.

In addition, I am a big advocate for minimally invasive Biomimetic modalities to dentistry using the most up-to-date research-backed approaches to care. This field is rapidly changing with new innovations, and there is no need to be stuck in the past where things were “good enough.”

Last but not least comes the holistic aspect of our approach. Dentistry has a notorious history of being tunnel-visioned in regard to what material was used in the mouth to allow teeth to survive longer, regardless of how it may affect the rest of the body. The beautiful thing about this practice is it is tailored to fitting in the scheme of the whole body, using biocompatible materials and implementing systems that actually solve the root of the problems and allow healing to take place. I am also a big advocate for Eastern Philosophy principles related to dentistry, whether that be the Oriental Medicine organ-teeth meridian system or Ayurvedic energy channels in terms of looking at the big picture and seeing what needs to be addressed to restore balance to the body.

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