Sinus lift makes dental implants available to more patients in Beverly Hills, CA

Dental implants have become the standard in tooth replacement. Board-certified Periodontist, Dr. Sanda Moldovan, and her team at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills, make implants possible for many individuals in the Beverly Hills, CA area, with a technique called sinus lift.

What is a sinus lift?

This procedure is sometimes called sinus augmentation or sinus graft, because it adds bone at the back of the upper jaw. Bone is needed between the jaw and maxillary sinuses (at the sides of the nose), for successful implant placement. The term “lift” comes from the fact that the sinus membrane is moved upward to make room for bone.

When is a sinus lift needed?

  • Natural bone height in the upper jaw is not sufficient to support an implant.
  • Sinuses are too close to the jaw.
  • Sinuses have enlarged with age.
  • Periodontal disease or tooth loss has allowed bone to deteriorate.

The procedure

Sinus lift requires planning, precision, and technical skill on the part of the doctor. However, from the patient’s perspective it is a relatively minor and very safe oral surgery.

An incision is made in the gum. Tissue is loosened, and a small opening is created in bone. The sinus membrane is gently moved up and out of the way. Then bone graft material is packed into the space. Grafting material may come from your own body, from a cadaver, from cow bone, or be synthetic. Soft tissue is closed with dissolving sutures.

The surgical site generally heals within two weeks. Over a period of several months, grafting material hardens and integrates with the bone, forming a solid foundation for a dental implant. Growth factors derived from a small sample of your own blood can be used to speed the healing process.

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