Learn how Angela’s cavitation procedure changed her life
Learn how Angela’s cavitation procedure changed her life

Hi, my name is Angela Laro, and I’m a Reiki master practitioner from Los Angeles, CA. My story begins actually about 10 years ago. I started having some mystery symptoms. We weren’t really sure what was going on with me and a lot of my doctors thought maybe it was just anxiety. Maybe it was just digestive issues. We weren’t really sure, but I kept having these interesting neurological issues.

Then I got diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. After breast cancer, I had to endure a lot of, you know, I had a mastectomy. I had lots of different treatments and antibiotics, but even after my cancer was over, I still kept having mystery neurological symptoms. Fast forward to just a year ago I was diagnosed with late-stage neurological Lyme disease, Bartonella, Babesia and mold toxicity. Once I started working with my doctors, and I learned that the Lyme actually was in my body since I was maybe six years old. So I learned a lot about Lyme and how it actually is an opportunistic disease that grows in our body When our immune system is compromised. Unfortunately, my immune system was compromised when I was 28 with breast cancer, and I found out once I was resistant to the Lyme treatment that all of the issues were in my mouth.

Last year when I got diagnosed with Lyme, I actually was really resistant to all medications that I was given and I went to naturopathic integrative doctors and they would give me supplements, and my body was just rejecting them, and I was losing the ability to digest food left and right. So, I was basically just getting down to meat was the only thing I was able to eat. I then found a practitioner who ran something called a bio-resonance scan on me, which is she took a swab of my DNA, and she ran it through her machine, and she found that I had cavitations, and she was the one that informed me that the reason why I was so resistant to all of these treatments was because of these cavitations and she told me to go to a holistic dentist come as a Reiki master. I have a lot of clients that also have Lyme, and one of them, in particular, referred me to Doctor Sanda, and once I met with her and had my head CT scan, that’s when I learned I actually had three cavitations and an infection in one of my root canals. So once Doctor Sanda found these cavitations and the infection in my root canal, I was really committed to fixing it.

I learned from her how each tooth is connected to a different energy meridian and when she showed me all of the different meridians that were being affected in my body, it made perfect sense why I was so sick. She even knew that my Breast cancer was in my right breast Just based on the cavitation.

We also found that I had the root of my mold toxicity was coming from my root canal in my left or in my right gum. It actually fell out right before I was about to have it extracted, and we when she looked at it and examined it, we found black mold was growing in the crown, was very fascinating. So, once we first removed the root canal and I have to tell you, I felt amazing afterward.

We actually when we actually did the whole surgery and extracted the, to the root canal and the crown, and she got in there and cleaned it out, we were both surprised that I actually was still alive Because it was hellacious. Then the next month, we did the cavitations, and I have to say that within two months of the cavitation surgery, I felt amazing.
I start, I would say actually, after about the first month was when I started to gradually get my energy back and then by month 2. It’s been it was amazing.
I cannot begin to believe the miracles that I’m seeing in my health right now. We’re talking like last year I was bedbound. I couldn’t even walk maybe a mile without getting out of breath without losing stamina. I had chronic fatigue. My neurological symptoms were all over the place, and I wasn’t even able to digest most of my food. When I learned from Doctor Sanda was that all of these cavitations and infections were actually affecting my central nervous system, my digestive system, my lung, and my right mammary gland. So, I have to say that once I had the surgery in these extractions, it was miraculous.

If there’s a piece of advice, I could give anyone who’s looking to improve their oral health would be A water flosser. Flossing with string is great, but when you use a water flosser, you’re really able to get into the nooks and crannies of your gums in between your teeth and that can make such a world of a difference. The biggest thing that makes me smile is my ability to go back to work and to help people heal.

Now, I’m so grateful for this procedure. A year ago, I could barely walk. I had neurological symptoms That would keep me from being able to stand up longer than 20 minutes without passing out my blood pressure couldn’t regulate. It was constantly low, like I said like I couldn’t walk longer than maybe a mile that was about the furthest I could go without getting exhausted, and now I’m walking about 3 to 5 miles a day. Just being able to cook a meal or clean my house and work and see my clients on a regular basis instead of a part-time basis has made such a difference in my life and I feel like I’m finally getting back to my health, getting my life back and that’s seriously the greatest gift I could have ever asked for.

Learn how Dr.Sanda Saved Bridget's teeth even though many other doctors wanted to pull them out
Learn how Dr.Sanda Saved Bridget's teeth even though many other doctors wanted to pull them out

Well, I was just your typical, hardworking American basically. I was working, you know, day and night and, you know, there were things going on at my family, and I was paying attention to certain crisis that were happening, And I was so focused on everything outside of me that I couldn’t focus on myself, and so I didn’t take care of, you know, some of the basic things that you should take care of, like going to the dentist twice a year to get your cleaning, Stuff like that. I was taking care of others and working, and that like became my life of sort of a workaholic And, you know, that happens sometimes.

Unfortunately, and admittedly, I was neglectful with my oral care. Life got very busy. It presented some challenges and I wasn’t going to my annual cleanings, basically. So, I started to experience pain, and I knew that I needed to see a dental health care practitioner. So, I wanted to see someone also who was holistic as well.

So, I just googled someone who was near my home, and I went to go see them. Well, it was not the best visit of my life, I must say. I was already very nervous, and I was admonished for the neglect, and the prognosis was really not good, and they were going to probably have to remove several teeth, and they didn’t know if they were going to be able to, you know, save others.
And so, I was very despondent, and my sister was with me, and she said, listen, let’s get a second opinion. And so I said, okay, let’s do that, And so she made a list, and she found Doctor Sanda Moldavan. Well, as soon as I walked into Doctor Sanda’s office, I was greeted with such warmth and kindness from the receptionist to her assistant Helder, and then when she walked into the room, she was so kind, so calming, so nonjudgmental and so welcoming that I didn’t feel the shame that I had felt before. She was fantastic and you know, she sat there, she listened to me, she did the consultation, she did an examination, and she asked me, she said instead of telling me what was going to happen as my previous experience, she asked me what do I want, and so I told her I said I want to save my teeth. I want to get my health back, my oral health back and she said, okay, let’s do that. She was just, it was that simple and she was just wonderful and so even though I was nervous, you know, I knew that this was going to be a good journey for me. So, my goal was to get the same beautiful smile that I had and my teeth back to the condition that I had when I was a child. My parents put a lot of money into my oral care and I wanted to get back to that point and so between that first consultation and my first procedure with Doctor Sanda, she gave me some action steps and I followed them to the letter And by the time I had my first procedure, she looked at me, says, wow, what a great improvement. I was already back on the right track and I was so encouraged by that.

Before I started going to my dentist and seeing improvements, I was really fearful because I was afraid of the pain. Honestly afraid of the cost, but now that I’ve been going regularly, I can say that from like, maybe out of a scale from 1 to 10, I was at 11 before and now I’m like at a four or five, you know And it’s worth it. It’s worth it, even if you are scared it’s worth it. Well, before I started working with Doctor Sanda, I could not enjoy a simple meal. I was very nervous about biting into something that was too hard or the pain might come back, but now I can like, go out and have dinner with my sister and we can make our favorite meals together and I can really enjoy and engage in a wonderful meal And I mean, it sounds really basic, I know, but I was experiencing so much discomfort when I was eating that I could no longer really enjoy having a great meal and now I can so that’s fantastic.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give someone regarding their oral health, that would be to try her delicious probiotics. I have to stop myself actually from eating them, But I take at least two a day, one in the morning, one at night, and I started that from the moment that I left her office, Actually, after that first visit, and I really think that they make a difference in my oral health and I include that in my regimen on a daily basis. What has me smiling these days is my oral care prognosis. I thought I would never say it, but that has me smiling.

Learn how Tracy’s cavitation procedure helped her heal.
Learn how Tracy’s cavitation procedure helped her heal.

Hi, my name is Tracy De’Amelio. I’m a financial controller and I live in Irvine, CA. So I’ve always been a very healthy person, gets sick maybe once a year, the common cold or something like that, And then in December of 2020, my ears started bothering me just sort of out of the blue and I wasn’t quite sure what it was at first and I thought maybe it would go away, Like it was nothing, but it didn’t go away and come and It started really bothering me and I thought, you know, at first maybe it was an ear infection or something like that And then I had remembered one time I had a toothache in my top, right tooth or my top left tooth and it affected my ear, so I thought maybe there was an infection in my tooth.

So, I was going to try to go to the dentist, but of course, it was like mid-December getting toward the holidays and you know, wasn’t really successful in that and then it kind of turned into a cold, and so I thought maybe it was like a sinus cold or something affecting the ear, and it was during COVID, so no doctors were taking appointments anyways. So I was, you know, on the phone with Kaiser and, you know, just talking to a doctor and kind of treating it that way and just thought, it was just a, you know, a symptom of a sinus cold or sinus infection or something like that.

With me, I’m like, I always felt like it was some kind of toxin like if I had to guess what it was, I felt like there was toxicity in my body because initially, I thought it was an infection in my tooth And so this is a prolonged period.

Now we’re into like April and May of 2021. So, This has now gone on for four to five months. I’ve seen an acupuncturist, I’ve seen a chiropractor, and they all help to relieve the symptoms in some way, shape, or form, but nothing to solve the problem.

So, I finally went in to see Doctor Julie Harden, and she listened to my entire story, emotional, physical, everything, and she said to me, Are you sure you don’t have an infection? And she’s like, I have a very good instinct about these things, And I’m like, well, to be honest, that’s what I initially thought was wrong And so she’s like, I’m going to refer you to someone, and I’m going to refer you to Doctor Sanda Moldavan and, so I called Doctor Sanda and made my appointment.

I finally go into see Doctor Sanda Moldavan, and they offered something called a CT scan and so on my CT scan, they discovered that I had infections in my jaws, in all four jaws and predominantly on the right, which was where I was filling most of my symptoms, but then also on the left, and it had actually been a result of wisdom teeth that were, you know, I had two pulled and two that were, you know done through the surgery, and it had to do with something that went on during that time, which was incredibly, probably 20 to 30 years prior to this.
So, I had no idea how long this infection had been in my body, but my body had been fighting it this whole time, and for whatever reason, you know, I don’t know if it was what happened with the greed, but it triggered it.

So the CT scan found these infections, and then doctor Moldovan, you know, recommended what’s called the cavitation surgery to remove the infection. And I remember just sitting in the chair and being so emotional, and I’m thinking about it now because when you have something wrong with your body for six months, and no one knows what it is, and you could tell nobody knows what they’re talking about, and then to finally meet somebody that knows what is wrong with you and can help you, it’s just the most relieving feeling. And also to know like nothing is seriously wrong with you It was, you know, just a great day to have that information from her.

I think the main, you know, thing that has changed, you know, since having the surgeries or one of the main things is when you’re going through all that you think, is this how I’m going to live? Like, I’m going to live with this chronic issue? Like, is this how people live that have chronic illnesses and like, No, I’m not doing that, you know, and immediately, you know, after the surgeries, I started feeling better and we had to do it in two parts, And so immediately I could see differences. I just feel like just so much more myself. It is probably the best way I can describe it, you know; I went, I had Vertigo for two months You know, just so many things like having your body react weird ways, you just feel really uncomfortable, and so I just feel like myself again.

Using this botanical cleanse 2 times a day and I started using this after my surgeries just as a natural antibiotic to clear out any funguses or any bacteria that don’t belong, you know, In the mouth or in the body, and have continued to use it because, it’s all-natural, all herbal supplement and I use it twice a day, And it’s been a year, and I still use it, and I wouldn’t live without it because, you know, we’re exposed to so much toxicity and bacteria in our daily life,

And, you know, we can do different things to clients, but why not just take, you know, an herbal cleanser twice a day and you know help your body to feel the best that it can be. What has me smiling these days is just knowing that I have someone like Doctor Sanda in my, you know, that has my back, that I can go to a holistic dentist that’s going to look at my health comprehensively and especially because I’ve learned over this journey that you know the mouth is the gateway to your health. It’s connected to so many things, if not any, everything that goes right or wrong in your body, And so it’s like the utmost importance and to have somebody that has the knowledge and the expertise that she does and to have an office where they’re not just taking X-rays and doing what the normal expected type of medicine, but they’re going outside the box to look at all kinds of innovative techniques to not only examine your mouth, like with the CT scan versus simply just an X-ray, but also to do use different technologies like ozone therapy and things like that, that clean them out and do all these great things to have preventative care as well.

And so I know that I’m always in great hands now, and that is what has me smiling.