Teeth in a day change how Beverly Hills, CA patients feel about dentures

Are you fed up with loose dentures that irritate your mouth? Do you dream of digging into foods you love, with confidence? Do you want results fast? Teeth in a day from the Beverly Hills, CA experts at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills could be just what you seek.

Full mouth teeth in a day

You may be wondering how our highly-qualified dentists can provide new teeth in just one day. The teeth in a day method is a fresh approach:

  • The first step is a consultation. The dentist evaluates your candidacy for mini dental implants, takes plenty of time to understand your concerns, and explains the teeth in a day process.
  • The secret is strategic implant placement. This provides maximum denture support.
  • We utilize contemporary CT scan technology for three-dimensional images showing where the bone is strongest.
  • If extractions or bone grafting are needed, it is done on the same day implants are placed.
  • A fully-functional temporary set of teeth is secured to the implants.
  • You receive instructions on how to care for your new smile.
  • While implants are healing, you work closely with our expert prosthodontist to design your new smile. Teeth can be made of high-quality dental acrylic, zirconia, or porcelain.
  • Expect to visit several times over the next few months so that the dentist can monitor your progress.
  • When implants are well-integrated into the bone, your new fully fixed teeth are placed.

Benefits of teeth in a day

  • Replacement teeth are fixed-in, for comfortable fit and secure function.
  • Teeth look completely natural.
  • We can treat both arches at the same time.
  • Bite and chewing power soars, from about ten percent of natural tooth function with a conventional denture, to more than 85 percent!

Schedule a consultation to learn more about teeth in a day in Beverly Hills, CA. Call (310) 692-7855.

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