Beverly Hills, CA practice offers gentle dental laser therapy

Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills is committed to providing advanced treatments that minimize trauma and maximize outcomes. We offer several dental laser therapy options to keep Beverly Hills, CA smiles attractive and healthy.

Uses for dental lasers

  • Remove tooth decay without drilling.
  • Strengthen the bond between tooth structure and filling material.
  • Vaporize diseased soft tissue.
  • Remove soft tissue for biopsy.
  • Remove oral lesions.
  • Relieve canker sore pain.
  • Accelerate and enhance teeth whitening.
  • Effectively treat periodontal disease.

Laser gum surgery

Gum disease creates a pocket around tooth roots. This allows bacteria and infection to penetrate deeper, attacking the ligaments and bone that hold teeth securely. Conventional treatment involves a non-surgical deep-cleaning technique called scaling and root planing to smooth root surfaces. It is usually performed one quadrant at a time. Gum flap surgery is an alternative. Soft tissue is cut and folded back so that the root area may be accessed and cleaned, then sutured back into place. Both procedures cause significant discomfort and require an extended healing period.

Our doctors use a periodontal laser to remove inflamed gum tissue and sterilize the pocket. A laser is a device that delivers a specific wavelength of light energy. Treatment is gentle and precise, contributing to quick regeneration and healing.

Benefits of laser therapy

  • Reduces need for anesthesia.
  • Eliminates anxiety associated with drilling sounds and sensations.
  • Less bleeding and swelling.
  • Minimizes recovery time.
  • Less tooth structure has to be removed for fillings.

A compassionate, enlightened dental practice has an ethical obligation to provide the gentlest, most effective treatment options available. Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills believes that patients in the Beverly Hills, CA area deserve this level of care. We have invested in a suite of dental lasers and staff training.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about dental laser therapy. The number is (310) 692-7855.

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