New options in bone grafting available in Beverly Hills, CA

Since the early 1980s, dental implants have helped those with missing teeth enjoy complete smiles. Biocompatible non-metal implants and progressive bone grafting techniques at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills make this option available to more people than ever in the Beverly Hills, CA area.

Bone grafting for dental implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that resides in jawbone. Bone fuses with the implant to form a solid foundation for a crown, fixed dental bridge, or removable denture. However, there must be sufficient bone to ensure stable placement.

The implant success rate at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills is very high due to expert treatment from Dr. Maghami, a Board certified prosthodontist. She is adept at grafting bone for dental implants.

Solutions for your unique physiology

Some of the bone graft procedure choices available to Beverly Hills patients include:

  • Autograft – Tissue from another site on your own body.
  • Allograft – Human bone from a cadaver.
  • Xenograft – Tissue from a donor of another species (usually bovine).
  • Calcium sulfate – A biocompatible synthetic material that restores bone loss.
  • Hydroxyapatite – An effective adjunct to the autograft technique. This naturally-occurring calcium derivative stimulates bone repair and osseointegration.
  • Polymer – A resorbable synthetic that helps to stabilize the implant during bone reconstruction.

PRF dental treatment – a breakthrough in bone grafting

Platelet rich fibrin, or PRF, is a healing biomaterial that promotes bone and soft tissue regeneration. In combination with a bone graft, this minimally invasive technique utilizing a byproduct of your own blood, prevents many of the potential complications that could compromise implant success. PRF was initially utilized for mature implant patients with age-related healing conditions. However, PRF treatment is beneficial in most bone grafting cases.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Maghami at our Beverly Hills, CA office (310) 692-7855 to learn more about modern bone ggrafting techniques.

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