Homeopathic injections in Beverly Hills, CA stimulate self-healing

“Like treats like” is a basic precept of homeopathic medicine. Micro-doses of biological products stimulate a vital response, encouraging natural healing. Savvy individuals come from all over the Beverly Hills, CA area and well beyond for homeopathic injections at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills homeopathy

This is a safe and effective technique for relief of chronic joint, muscle, and nerve pain, and treatment of muscle spasms.

Injections of all-natural products are administered just beneath the skin or into muscles, at precise locations. Treatment is well-tolerated, even by people who are apprehensive about shots. Needles are very fine, and the quantity of product is small, so it feels like a pinprick.

Personalized treatment plan

Homeopathic injection therapy utilizes low concentrations of plant extracts. There is virtually no risk of side effects and minimal chance of drug interaction with medications you may take. Treatment is tailored to your physiology and needs, with virtually endless combinations of ingredients such as:
  • B12 – An essential nutrient for development and function of brain, nerves, and blood cells. B12 injections increase energy and metabolism levels, and reduce anemia.
  • Homeopathic traumeel injections – Also known as “heel,” traumeel fights inflammation. Trigger point injections can improve range of motion and reduce headaches. Traumeel may also be combined with B12 for nerve inflammation (such as in the feet).
  • Zeel – This combination of botanicals, minerals, and other biological substances reduces skeletal and joint inflammation and discomfort. We recommend homeopathic Zeel injections for arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatic joint disease, and alleviation of other joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.
Are you ready to learn more about injections that wake up your body’s natural healing mechanisms, immune system, circulation, and tissue detoxification? Schedule an appointment at the homeopathic center Beverly Hills, CA trusts for healthy alternatives – Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills. The number is (310) 692-7855.