Your Mouth Matters

Because oral wellness is an optimal part of physical health.

At Your Mouth Matters, we embrace the health and wellness of humanity through good habits and natural treatments understanding that the true gateway to good health through our oral habits, oral health, nutrition and everything we consume through our mouths.

It's an Honor to Invite You to Be an Ambassador for:

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It's an Honor to Invite You to Be an Ambassador for:

At Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness, we feel that fully embracing your health and wellness must be done through positive habits and treatments that are 100% natural. Because the mouth is the gateway to superior whole-body health, everything that goes into it makes a difference. Following good oral habits and maintaining a nutritious diet are just a couple of ways you can do your part to stay healthy.

As a trusted and well-established dental professional, I believe that the gateway to your health is through the mouth. A combination of work that I have done and the results which have come from this work with my patients, in combination with consistent and ongoing research findings, have proven to me that a key component of our health and well-being as humans lies in a natural and holistic approach to dentistry.

As I consistently see these wonderful results in my patient’s health, I’ve decided to start a movement called ‘Your Mouth Matters’. Our goal is to share the transformative stories of individuals who have subscribed to the belief that the mouth is the gateway to good health. By following a holistic philosophy, these patients have overcome many barriers to their health and are now leading healthy and happy lives. It is stories from these people that we would love to share with our community and the world so that others, like you, can be inspired to take a step toward miraculous results.

As one living such a story, I invite you to share your experience with the world. We hope stories like yours will inspire and enlighten others to embrace this natural philosophy of living and can help change lives for the better.

What We Are Asking You to Do

Our goal is to create a short-form documentary about you and the story you have to tell, which will be an inspiration to others to strive for a life of excellent health and well-being. You will be free to use or share your video whichever way you prefer within your network. All we are asking of you is some preparation and about an hour and a half of your valuable time, during which we will conduct two virtual interviews.

We understand that people can be hesitant to be recorded, but we believe that the story you have to tell is powerful and can impact those who need a little bit of inspiration to begin to take action. We hope that our mini-documentary based around your personal journey will spark that motivation somebody out there needs so badly to start to make the changes necessary for a healthy life.

If you would like to accept our invitation, please visit our calendar by clicking the link below to schedule your welcoming call. During this call, we will explain why we have nominated you for this, further explain the process, and get you set up for an actual interview.

You can be an inspiration to others. I recognize that, and I want you to know that I cannot wait to begin this fantastic journey with you. Thank you so much for what you stand for and everything you have done.

Dr. Sanda Moldovan
Founder of Your Mouth Matters

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After your interview is completed and the video is produced, our team at Your Mouth Matters will provide you with a media kit to share on your social platforms to bring awareness to the mission of vital voices, inspiring others to be healthy too.

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