Saving teeth in Beverly Hills, CA with dental night guards

An estimated ten percent of the adult population are bruxers. These individuals clench and grind teeth excessively, especially during sleep. The condition often goes undiagnosed until significant dental damage occurs, but it can have far-reaching health effects meanwhile. Dental night guards, fitted by the trained professionals at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills are safeguarding smiles and wellness all over the Los Angeles, CA area.

Dangers of bruxism

Teeth clenching is a reflexive action. Over time, it can cause:

  • Chips, fractures, breakage, and wear necessitating expensive dental work.
  • Damage to existing dental restorations, requiring replacement.
  • Damage to enamel that increases risk of tooth decay.
  • Gum disease, from excessive pressure on tooth roots.
  • Jaw pain and TMJ disorders.
  • Disrupted sleep.
  • Headaches and migraines.

Custom dentist night guard

An oral appliance, worn at night, dramatically decreases bite pressure on teeth and strain on the jaw . . . if it is properly fitted. “Boil and bite” night mouth guards for teeth grinding purchased at a retail store provide little actual protection. Because the fit is awkward and uncomfortable, they usually end up on the pillow.

A mouthguard specialist at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills takes impressions of your mouth. Then, a professional dental laboratory uses that precise information to create a bruxism mouth guard that seats snugly and comfortably. You breathe normally and can even take a drink of water with it in place. Yet it cushions teeth and takes the pressure off the TMJ.

Night guard treatment from a professional dental team costs a little more upfront. However, can help you avoid untold future dental repair bills, while enjoying improved quality of life. Your smile and health are worth it!

To learn more about the benefits of dental night guards, call our Beverly Hills, CA office. The number is (310) 692-7855, and new bruxism patients are welcome.

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