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A different kind of dental cleaning in Beverly Hills, CA

Even if you brush and floss conscientiously, regular hygiene appointments at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills are essential. Dental cleaning at our Beverly Hills, CA office contributes to a healthy body and mind, as well as a sparkling smile.

Importance of regular hygiene visits

The oral cavity is more intimately connected to wellness than possibly any other body part. Oral problems can be an indicator of systemic disease. Conversely, dental issues can contribute to other serious problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

Teeth cleaning complements your daily regimen, helping to keep your mouth disease-free. Checkups give the dentist a chance to detect potential problems early, when they can be corrected efficiently and economically, with the least discomfort. Teeth feel smooth and clean, and your smile looks bright, too.

Dental cleaning before and after results of actual patients

Little distinctions make a big difference

We make the teeth cleaning experience more effective and satisfying with these options:

  • Bio-friendly products – Polishing paste and mouth rinse are formulated with aloe vera, and contain no alcohol. They maintain pH balance, and fight damaging oral bacteria without harm to mouth tissues.
  • Full mouth disinfection – A simple, painless ozone treatment eliminates harmful bacteria, reducing risk of dental caries, and promoting healthy gums.
  • Laser therapy – This treatment reduces inflammation of soft tissues.
  • Probiotics – A chewable tablet that helps beneficial oral flora thrive and deters formation of plaque.
  • Salivary testing – Oral DNA testing returns vital information about your unique genetic and environmental indicators of gum disease and related health complications.

Meet the Dental Hygienists at Beverly Hills Dental Health

Dental cleaning in Beverly Hills, CA
My name is Sheila. I’m a dental hygienist who performs guided dental therapy. I work at the Beverly Hills Dental Health Lounge.

My name is Sheila. I’m a dental hygienist who performs guided dental therapy. I work at the Beverly Hills Dental Health Lounge.

Airflow is one of the newest technologies out there. It’s my favorite, honestly toy to use in the office. It removes biofilm more than any other equipment.

I have a lot of patients who don’t like coming to the dentist who before sitting down say when is this over? But as soon as they meet me and they sit down, they don’t want to leave.

Our chairs have a heating and a massage setting, and it’s great to use during your dental treatment to engage your lymphatic. My name is Bina. I’m a dental hygienist at the Beverly Hills Health Lounge. Having your dental hygiene appointments done regularly is very important because it helps to detoxify your entire mouth, and that helps to also detoxify your body.

Everything starts from the mouth, so from the biofilm, which is the plaque that starts in your mouth, goes into the rest of your body. So, one of my favorite things is to help educate patients and help them understand what is going on and how to take care of themselves and their entire body.

Have you avoided scheduling a checkup for longer than you care to admit? At Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills, you won’t get a lecture. You will get a thorough but gentle dental cleaning that puts your oral hygiene program back on track, with added services for overall wellness. In Beverly Hills, CA call (310) 692-7855.

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