Introducing uPhoria whitening in Beverly Hills, California dental practice

Introducing uPhoria whitening in Beverly Hills, California dental practice

Brightening the smile is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform a smile from drab to fab. While many drugstores offer whitening products in their oral healthcare aisles, many of these strips, pens, and trays fail to work. Additionally, they can cause sensitivity that makes it difficult for patients to eat and drink comfortably.

Instead, patients in the area who want to obtain a whiter smile quickly and easily with a professional will want to connect with the team at Dental Health and Wellness in Beverly Hills, California to learn about the advantages of a revolutionary alternative called uPhoria dental whitening.

What is uPhoria dental whitening?

Our team is proud to introduce the uPhoria whitening system. This is one of the fastest, safest, and most advanced in-office whitening systems available on the market today. Powered by Sono-Chemistry, uPhoria is a gentle whitening experience that was designed to brighten a patient’s smile in just four minutes with no sensitivity. This in-office procedure is performed by our expert team, and can easily be added at the end of your dental hygiene appointment. Patients are encouraged to further their smile with uPhoria’s 3 day home kit. The uPhoria whitening system is a revolutionary option for patients who want a whiter smile in just 4 minutes, without any sensitivity that laser whitening causes.

How long does uPhoria whitening last?

Every whitening treatment requires maintenance. Because patients are given at-home kits to continue brightening the smile, the results from the first treatment can be maintained with time. If your teeth stain easily, we recommend custom trays with nano calcium paste to help mineralize your teeth at home. These trays can also be used with whitening gel at home.

Don’t like whitening at home? The uPhoria whitening system is so gentle, you can do it as often as every month, without having to worry about damaging your enamel.

What are the benefits of the uPhoria whitening system?

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Fast
  • Less sensitivity
  • Long-lasting

Say ‘Hello’ to a Beautiful Smile without Sensitivity and Chemicals

Say ‘Hello’ to a Beautiful Smile without Sensitivity and Chemicals
With Dr. Sanda of Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness, your dream smile can become a reality without you having to worry about sensitivity, pain, or the use of chemicals. All it takes is 4 minutes!

Hi! I am Dr. Sanda, Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness. Have you ever wanted a beautiful, white smile, but without the use of chemicals? And, without the sensitivity? I have just the right solution for you. I have searched a lot to find a treatment that doesn’t cause sensitivity, that doesn’t damage the enamel of your teeth, and I finally found it. And it’s only a four-minute treatment and it doesn’t involve the painful lasers which you might have experienced in the past. And, you come in the office, and after four minutes, you have this nice, beautiful, white smile without sensitivity and without chemicals. So, let us know if you are interested!

Interested in a brilliantly beautiful smile?

Skip the oral care aisle in your local drugstore and stop spending money on home kits that fail to provide noticeable results. Instead, book an appointment with the team at Dental Health and Wellness at (310) 692-7855. We have two office locations in the areas of Encino and Beverly Hills available for both new and established patients.

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