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Dental crown lengthening from a trusted periodontist in Beverly Hills, CA

Dental crown lengthening is an oral surgery that exposes more of a tooth, by removing gum and possibly bone tissue. The procedure addresses both aesthetic and functional issues. In the hands of Dr. Sanda Moldovan, a skilled and experienced periodontist in Beverly Hills, CA, it is handled precisely and efficiently.

When crown lengthening is needed

Some people have a naturally “gummy smile.” Pink soft tissue covers a little too much tooth structure for attractive, balanced proportions. By removing a little gum tissue, teeth look longer and larger. This can often be accomplished with a dental laser, for a virtually painless procedure with little bleeding or swelling.

In other cases, crown lengthening is necessary to prepare a tooth to place a restoration when:

  • The tooth is broken off at the gum line.
  • A fracture extends beyond gum tissue.
  • A crown or filling has decay underneath.

What to expect

Even if crown lengthening is only needed for one tooth, adjoining teeth may be treated for gradual transition in appearance. Your comfort is ensured with local anesthetic. Gum tissue is cut and loosened to expose some of the root structure. Areas of decay or damage are removed, and the tooth is restored with a filling or temporary dental crown. The surgical area is cleansed with saline, and gum tissue in sutured in place. PRF (platelet rich fibrin) can be a good adjunct to crown lengthening. It boosts natural healing with growth factors from your own blood.

After a few days of soft diet, mouth rinse, and over the counter analgesics, healing should be well underway. You continue to brush and floss, but avoid the surgical site. A water irrigator is recommended for gentle cleaning. Dissolving sutures may be used. Otherwise, stitches are removed in about ten days.

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