Ozone therapy brings big benefits to Beverly Hills, CA patients

Ozone is a gas created by the impact of electrical discharges or ultraviolet light on oxygen. This “excited” form of oxygen has three atoms in a molecule. As a result, it is constantly trying to break down into the two-atom composition of normal oxygen. This chemical instability gives ozone incredible oxidizing properties useful in many areas of natural dentistry. The team at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills puts effective, minimally invasive ozone therapy to work for the oral health of patients in the Beverly Hills, CA area.

Ozone in the dental office

Ozone is painlessly applied in the form of a gas, as ozonated water, or carried in oil. Here are a few of the ways ozone is utilized:

  • Periodontal therapy. Ozone reaches deep into pockets created by gum disease, healing localized soft tissue infection.
  • Fighting bone infection. Ozone halts the progression of advanced gum disease that causes tooth loss.
  • Reversal and remineralization of early tooth decay.
  • Sterilization of root canals without harsh chemicals.
  • Soothing sensitive teeth.
  • Healing canker and cold sores.
  • Whitening teeth.

Staying cavity-free with ozone dentistry

Hundreds of strains of bacteria live in the mouth. Some produce acidic waste as they feast on sugars and starches in bits of food debris. These acids create lesions – microscopic (at least initially) holes in tooth enamel. Ozone kills harmful bacteria, and neutralizes acids. Beneficial bacteria now replace the damaging types, eliminating their niche in the oral environment. That reduces risk of tooth decay, long term. In addition, minerals can now flow back into enamel, hardening the tooth, and reversing early decay.

Imagine a treatment that gets gum disease under control, reduces risk of cavities, and brightens your smile. It is a reality for Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills patients, with dental ozone therapy. Call (310) 692-7855 to schedule your visit.

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