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Dental CT scan brings higher level of care to patients in Beverly Hills, CA

Historically, articulating paper was essentially the dentist’s only tool to evaluate occlusion – the relationship between upper and lower teeth. Tapping on this red or blue paper showed the dentist points of contact, to aid in balancing the bite with plenty of guesswork. The professionals at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills apply a precise, scientific approach. Dental CT scan technology is changing the way patients in Beverly Hills, CA speak, chew, and feel.

What is a dental CT scan?

A dental CT scan captures three-dimensional images of your mouth using cone beam computed tomography. These images reveal teeth, bone, soft tissues, and nerve pathways, with a single scan. A dental CT scan is used when a digital x-ray does not provide enough information for occlusion analysis, diagnosis of TMJ disorders, or precise planning of dental implant placement.

Benefits of this technology

The low-radiation scan procedure is painless. The technician positions you. Then you simply sit still for about a minute while the device circles your head, taking cross-sectional images.

The purpose of CT scan technology is accurate diagnosis of disruptive contacts between upper and lower teeth. That guides the dentist in achieving occlusal equilibrium, and sets a baseline to monitor bite changes that occur over time.

A stable bite has many benefits to the patient:

  • Extends lifespan of dental treatment.
  • Reduces risk of post-treatment complications.
  • Minimizes return visits for adjustments.
  • Decreases stress on jaw joint.
  • Balances facial muscles.
  • Reduces wear on natural teeth and restorations.
  • Minimizes risk of fractures and breakage.

Today, there is no need to practice dentistry in the dark. Dental CT scan technology at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills illuminates diagnosis, planning, and treatment for the best possible outcomes. To schedule an appointment at our Beverly Hills, CA office, call (310) 692-7855.

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