Dental bone grafting is predictable and painless at Beverly Hills, CA practice

Getting a bone graft may sound a bit unsettling, but in the hands of the highly-qualified team at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills, the procedure is straightforward, precise, and painless. We encourage you to come in and learn more about dental bone grafting techniques at our Beverly Hills, CA practice.

Why bone grafts are necessary

The thickness of jawbone is symbiotic. It supports teeth and allows the ripping, biting, and grinding forces of chewing. In turn, teeth support bone, providing vital stimulation that tells the body to keep sending minerals and nutrients to the area. Bone atrophies when teeth are missing, extracted, or lost due to trauma or gum disease. The body gradually resorbs minerals, causing the jawbone to get thinner. Eventually, there may not be sufficient bone for a dental implant, and the fit of a bridge or denture can be impacted.

Types of bone grafts

A bone graft places material into the jaw, where it integrates over time, to thicken and strengthen natural bone structure. There are three basic types:

  • Block bone graft – Replaces substantial bone loss, such as destruction from advanced periodontal disease, infection, or a cyst or tumor. A small section of your own bone is harvested and grafted into the jaw. You may also hear this procedure called an autogenous ramus or chin graft.
  • Sinus lift or subantral graft – Performed on the upper jaw. The maxillary sinus membrane is raised, to make space for a bone graft between the jaw and sinus. Synthetic grafting material may be used.
  • Socket graft – An alveolar ridge preservation graft involves filling the void where a tooth has been extracted with grafting material (usually bone and collagen) to maintain bone volume while healing occurs.

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