An overall health and wellness plan customized for you by a dental specialist in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness takes an entirely different approach to dentistry. Our team of highly-qualified professionals know that your mouth is the gateway to overall health. We have the vast training and experience to implement a foundation of dental care that improves wellness and quality of life... as well as your smile! As our patient, you are assured the healthy and beautiful result you desire and deserve, as we understand the connection between your mouth and body, treating it as one.

What to expect

Our office is in a modern high-rise, but once you step inside, the stress of your day is relieved with our relaxing and toxin-free environment. Our warmly lit waiting room Is comfortable and calming, with scents reminiscent of a spa. Our team is nurturing and caring. We always welcome you with a smile.
From your sign-in, to your initial consultation, to your procedure, and beyond, your follow-up care is our top priority.

A well-rounded team

Dr. Sanda Moldovan - photo
Dr. Niki Maghami - photo
Dr. Linda Makuta - photo
Dr. Kathy Zahedi - photo
Dr. Tevan Oganesyan - photo
Dr. Sandra Iacob, Nutritionist and Mercury Toxicity Specialist - photo

Our depth and breadth of expertise includes:
  • Dr. Sanda Moldovan – Double Board-certified in Periodontics and Nutrition, and committed to improving patient health through biological dentistry.
  • Dr. Niki Maghami – Board certified prosthodontist with a high distinction in Biochemistry and Masters in Molecular Biology who earned multiple awards and distinctive honors.
  • Dr. Linda Makuta – Our Restorative Dentist uses biocompatible materials and non-toxic techniques.
  • Dr. Kathy Zahedi – Our skilled expert in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.
  • Dr. Tevan Oganesyan – Our skilled expert in biomimetic and cosmetic dentistry.
  • Dr. Sandra Iacob – Nutritionist and Mercury Toxicity Specialist
For a superior level of customized dental care, call Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness at (310) 692-7855. Good health looks great on you!