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Mercury is a chemical element mined from cinnabar ore. Mercury has been used for many years in medical instruments and dental amalgam (silver-colored filling material), despite its known toxicity. As a dental patient, you have a right to safe treatment that does not pose needless health risks. You have the right to choose a mercury safe dentist – Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, CA.

Chronic mercury poisoning

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin. It can be absorbed through the skin or ingested in saliva. The friction applied to amalgam (chewing, grinding, and brushing) heats fillings, releasing mercury vapor which is then inhaled. The human body does not have an efficient mercury detoxification mechanism. It bioaccumulates over time, increasing in concentration. The effects of chronic mercury poisoning ripple throughout the body, from the digestive system to neurological problems, joint issues, emotional disorders, and more.

Choosing a mercury-safe dentist:

 A mercury-safe dentist is one that is SMART certified with IAOMT, who protects you and the office team from being exposed to mercury during the removal of mercury fillings.  During the removal of amalgam fillings, studies have shown that the level of mercury in the air can exceed the limit allowed by the EPA. Our providers are SMART certified and protect you from inhaling the mercury vapors. Our providers use only ceramic materials, either liquid or lab derived inlay, inlays, and crowns. They contain no mercury and are BPA-free, yet strong, durable, and natural-looking.

Mercury Removal Before and After results of actual patients

Our mercury removal program includes:

  •  Personalized testing of mercury levels to determine if a detoxification program is needed.
  • Supplementation to aid your body in the heavy metal detoxification process
  • Patient and team wear protective gear.
  • Patient has an 100% oxygen source.
  • Rubber dam is used.
  • Mercury amalgam fillings are cut into chunks (not ground out).
  • A powerful suction system removes mercury vapor and particles.
  • Proper filtration and disposal methods keep amalgam out of public wastewater systems.

Say NO to mercury fillings!

Say NO to mercury fillings!
Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness is committed to providing metal and toxic-free dentistry. This is why biomimetic dentist Dr. Sanda and her team are also SMART certified for the safe removal of mercury and amalgam fillings.

Hi! I am Dr. Tevan Oganesyan practising at Beverly Hills Dental and Health Wellness Centre. In our practice, we do provide metal free or toxic free dentistry. I am practicing biomimetic dentistry and I am also certified as SMART removal of amalgam or mercury fillings. Mercury can leak in the body and is very dangerous and toxic. Toxicity is a huge problem today in our environment but also in our mouths. We have so many dental silver fillings, myself included. I grew up in Romania so I actually had sixteen mercury fillings in my mouth that caused my mercury blood level to be high. So, I have been through it and I know what it is like and I am feeling better than ever. We provide the patient with a vacuum system which is under the Ozone treatment and we safely remove all the mercury and we isolate the () cavities so that nothing will leak into their system. So all those mercury fillings or metal type of restorations are replaced with the following materials which are BPA free and they have a ceramic content, and/or instead of crowns we replace it with the ceramic inlays/onlays which is very preferrable to it and is very healthy.

Do you have a damaged amalgam filling? Or perhaps you are considering having dark fillings removed and replaced with biocompatible materials, for aesthetic reasons or potential health benefits. Schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills office to talk with a mercury safe dentist about safe amalgam filling removal and replacement with biomimetic fillings. The number for Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills is (310) 692-7855.

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