Straighten discreetly with Clear Aligners from Beverly Hills, CA dental team

There was a time when orthodontics meant a mouthful of metal bands, brackets, and wires, rubber bands, and headgear. Most people gave up on the idea if they hadn’t worn braces as children. Today, teens and adults in the Beverly Hills, CA area can look terrific while getting straight teeth, with Clear Aligners from the skilled team at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills.

Clear Aligners or braces?

Initially, Clear Aligners was intended for cosmetic alignment. The system has evolved into an effective solution for complicated cases that would have required braces in the past.

Clear Aligner treatment begins with a thorough consultation and evaluation of your mouth. Existing dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease, are addressed first.

Then, robust proprietary software makes the complex process elegantly simple:

  • Together, you and your Clear Aligner doctor determine what you want to achieve through orthodontics.
  • Digital impressions are taken of your mouth.
  • Clear Aligners transform those images into a series of smooth, transparent plastic aligners.
  • You wear the sets progressively, each for about two weeks, to gently reposition crooked teeth.
  • Clear Aligners are removable. Take them out to eat, brush, and floss normally.
  • The dentist monitors your progress at brief six-week recheck visits.

Every case is unique, but Clear Aligner treatment can usually be accomplished in about 12 months with good compliance. It is important to wear aligners 20 to 22 hours daily.

More reasons to love Clear Aligners

With braces, progress is not apparent – you must wait for the big reveal to see your new smile. You benefit immediately from improvement in alignment with Clear Aligner treatment. It is not unusual for teeth to have some decay or enamel damage when braces come off. Clear Aligner teeth are straight, clean, and free of enamel flaws.

Straighten your Smile with Clear Aligners!

Straighten your Smile with Clear Aligners!
At Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness, you can get customized clear aligners to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. Within no time, your new smile will be ready!

Hi I am Dr. Tevan Oganesyan practising at Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness Centre. At Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness Centre, we provide following treatment, such as clear aligners. Those are a type of aligners which our patients are interested to align their teeth. So, they can be crooked, they can be misaligned or they are not happy with their smile, they like to improve their smile. So, clear aligners are more comfortable than the commercial braces in such a way, they are very easy to wear, they are very hygienic. They are invisible, it’s like almost you have nothing in your mouth. How the clear aligners are fabricated. We take digital impressions, scan over the teeth, and we send it to the laboratory. They come with a set of aligners. So, in conjunction with that, you going to be provided this beautiful device. What it does, this, pretty much it causes microvibration, and with this device, it helps the treatment to almost reduce, close to 50 per cent. This is very convenient and very comfortable. They have to wear it only once a day.

Learn more about discreet, efficient Clear Aligner treatment. In the Beverly Hills, CA area call (310) 692-7855

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