Gingival augmentation restores receding gums in Beverly Hills, CA

Thousands of individuals in the Beverly Hills, CA area have gum recession. With a Board-certified periodontist on staff at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills, they don’t have to go far for gingival augmentation to restore gum health and appearance.

About gum recession

Gum recession occurs when soft tissue around teeth shrinks. That reveals a portion of tooth root not protected by enamel. Gum recession can have serious implications:

  • Aesthetics – The expression “long in the tooth” refers to an elderly person. Gum recession spoils the proportions of the smile and adds years to your face.
  • Sensitivity – Exposed root structure increases reaction to hot and cold foods or beverages. Even cool air can trigger pain.
  • Tooth decay – Harmful oral bacteria flourish in the exposed porous dentin. Without the armor of enamel, this area is more susceptible to cavities from acids produced by bacteria.
  • Periodontal disease – Receding gums contribute to pockets around tooth roots where disease-causing bacteria build up.
  • Dental restorations – Healthy gum tissue is essential for the success of dental implants and crowns.

The procedure

Gingival augmentation restores the band of keratinized tissue around teeth. Depending on your situation, the doctor may recommend:

  • Connective tissue graft – A small flap is cut in the roof of the mouth to allow removal of some subepithelial (connective) tissue. It is sutured to gum tissue around the exposed root, and the flap is stitched back down.
  • Free gingival graft – Tissue is removed from the palate without creating a flap, and attached to areas of gingival recession.
  • Pedicle graft – Tissue from an adjacent tooth is used to cover exposed root. Tissue remains attached, but is pulled over or down and sutured in position.

Our doctors utilize special techniques to minimize trauma, maximize results, and speed healing. To learn more about gum grafting, call (310) 692-7855 for a consultation.

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