Discuss night guards for dental conditions such as bruxism with Beverly Hills, California, dentist

Have you been told by your sleeping partner that you grind your teeth when you sleep? Do you catch yourself throughout the day clenching your teeth without even realizing it? Teeth clenching and grinding are common symptoms of a condition called bruxism. Bruxism can not only be painful, but it can hurt the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) that hinges the upper and lower jaw to the skull. Dental practices such as Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness in Beverly Hills, CA, understand the importance of treating bruxism to protect the smile, and for many patients, custom night guards are the solution.

Discuss Night Guards for Dental Conditions Such as Bruxism with Beverly Hills, California Area, Dentist

What is a custom night guard for teeth?

Drs. Moldovan, Maghami, and Diego of Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness understand how important it is to protect the smile from not only periodontal disease and cavities but from conditions such as bruxism. Bruxism can result in extensive damage to the smile. It can wear down teeth, break teeth, and even cause chipping that can result in broken enamel. In some cases, patients may need bite correction to repair the damage that has been caused by years of untreated bruxism.  They do this using a digital bite sensor, which allows them to see the forces on each tooth.

With the use of a customized night guard for teeth, patients can comfortably address the symptoms of bruxism while protecting the smile. The nightguard is a specialized mouthguard that works in keeping the upper and lower jaw aligned. It also provides a cushion between the top and bottom teeth to reduce the wear caused by clenching and grinding. This protects and extends the longevity of natural teeth.

How is a custom night guard made?

At Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness, we provide custom night guards. While there are oral appliances available through the local drugstore, many of these fail to provide the best correction. They are often ill-fitted, uncomfortable and cause damage to the TMJ and teeth. Instead, our dental team will evaluate a patient and determine if bruxism is occurring, then suggest treatments such as oral appliance therapy,nutritional support to promote jaw muscle relaxation and stress relief ideas. To create a custom BPA free night guard, the dentists will have patients’ complete digital impressions that are then CAD-CAM designed and 3-D printed in our Encino office. CAD-CAM design allows the doctors to perfectly fit the nightguard in the patient’s mouth to ensure the best possible protection.

How do I care for my night guard?

Caring for your oral appliance is easy. Between wearing it, use an enzymatic cleaner in an ultrasonic device to keep it clean.  Most patients can use their night guards for years before they need to be replaced. Watch this video for more information.

How to Clean Your Dental Appliances in Beverly Hills CA Area

Do you believe you struggle with bruxism?

Get a proper diagnosis with our team in Beverly Hills, CA, at our facility located at 465 North Roxbury Drive, Suite #911, by calling (310) 692-7855. At Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness, we are available to help new and current patients in the community with a wide range of dental solutions, including night guards for patients diagnosed with bruxism. Drs. Moldovan, Maghami, and Diego also have a second location in Encino, California, and are open to providing care for patients in and around the community.

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Dr. Sanda Moldovan, Periodontist and Nutritionist

Dr. Sanda Moldovan, Periodontist and Nutritionist
Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness

An alumnus from the Ohio State University School of Dentistry and UCLA, Dr. Moldovan is an extremely skilled and board-certified professional who is internationally recognized as a speaker for her wealth of knowledge, charity work and contribution to society. In addition to being a certified nutritionist, she is also a published author and speaker. She introduced ORASANA® which is her own range of natural oral healthcare products.

Dr. Moldovan is an advocate of biological dentistry and uses her public recognition to educate people on the link between good oral care and general wellbeing.

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