Holistic Yet High-tech O3 Dental Cleanings Exclusive to Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness

Our anti-inflammatory, anti-cavity cleanings are tailored to a patient’s individual need. A unique blend of natural antioxidant and immune-supporting products makes us one of the only offices in Southern California to offer this. Since ozone is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, we believe in investing the extra expense to ozonate our water (a practice more common in Europe) for the best teeth and gum care, which translates into whole body wellness.

Unique Dental Cleanings at Beverly Hills Dental Health & Wellnes in Beverly Hills Ca Area

While most offices traditionally scrape and polish teeth, without much cutting–edge change, Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness cleanings offer the exclusive combination of Air Flow Therapy — with either anti-inflammatory fighter glycine that helps remove biofilm for healthier gums and smaller pockets, or erythritol for an anti-cavity treatment. This ensures that each cleaning is tailored to what a patient needs. Each session ends with the protective ozone to help heal gums.

According to a published NIH review, ozone has been around for 150 years, combating 114 diseases, inactivating viruses, bacteria and yeast and activating the immune system. It’s used in cutting edge dental practices because it’s important for healing wounds, fighting bacteria and helping to boost the immune system.

Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness is one of the few practices that offers teeth cleanings that use the powerful combination of natural and state-of-the-art products, such as lasers, to help remove bacteria. Ozonated water is piped throughout the practice for all procedures, giving gums added protection and disinfection.

There are two tiers of dental cleanings — one that ends with ozone in its gaseous state, and for those on a budget who still want our first-class cleanings not offered anywhere else in this area, ozonated water is used throughout the cleaning. So either way, you’re getting the benefit of ozone in each session.

As a practice that strives to be holistic in its philosophy as citizens in a global sense, at the end of each session, patients are given a sustainable bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristles, instead of handing out toothbrushes made of non-recycled plastic.

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Dr. Sanda Moldovan, Periodontist and Nutritionist

Dr. Sanda Moldovan, Periodontist and Nutritionist
Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness

An alumnus from the Ohio State University School of Dentistry and UCLA, Dr. Moldovan is an extremely skilled and board-certified professional who is internationally recognized as a speaker for her wealth of knowledge, charity work and contribution to society. In addition to being a certified nutritionist, she is also a published author and speaker. She introduced ORASANA® which is her own range of natural oral healthcare products.

Dr. Moldovan is an advocate of biological dentistry and uses her public recognition to educate people on the link between good oral care and general wellbeing.

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