I’m Doctor Sanda at Beverly Hills dental health and Wellness. Let’s talk about ceramic or zirconia dental implants. Since 1965, titanium dental implants have been on the market to replace missing teeth. But today, we’ve had some recent studies to show that titanium may exacerbate autoimmune disease through the fact that it can release some ions in our body. So ceramic dental implants have been on the market since the 1980s and really in United States since 2007.

Ceramic and implants are all white, so if you have a smile like mine where you’re showing a lot of gums, you definitely want to go with a ceramic implant as you’re not going to get that greyish look in the front. Also, it is more biocompatible, and it has similar osseointegration effects as titanium. So no longer you have to worry about ceramic implants breaking because they’re just as solid as titanium. If you have any more questions or to see if you’re a candidate for a ceramic dental implant, give us a call at Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness.