Root canal retreatment saves teeth in Beverly Hills, CA

In some cases, a tooth that has had root canal therapy can develop problems months or even years after treatment. Our highly-trained endodontist has retreatment techniques that help to save natural teeth for healthy Beverly Hills, CA smiles.

Why root canals fail

Root canal therapy is extremely precise, and best performed by an endodontist. Without experience and the latest diagnostics and treatments, there is a higher risk of complications.

Here are some of the reasons root canals fail:

  • Curved or narrow canals undetected or not treated during the first treatment.
  • Salivary contamination inside the tooth during the procedure.
  • Abscess at the tip of a root not eradicated.
  • Delay in placing a crown after endodontic treatment.
  • Leakage – If the tooth is not sealed properly or restoration materials break down, bacteria can enter the inner structure of the tooth again.
  • New situations – Decay, fracture, or a cracked or broken filling or crown exposes the tooth to infection unrelated to initial treatment.
  • Negligent oral hygiene, untreated dental caries, and poorly-managed periodontal disease can also contribute to disease at the root of a treated tooth.

Endodontic retreatment saves teeth

After the doctor examines your mouth, she explains care options. If you choose retreatment, here is what to expect:
  • Thorough numbing to ensure your comfort.
  • Precise removal of the crown, post, and canal filling material.
  • The tooth is examined under illuminated magnification to detect unusual anatomy.
  • Canals are cleaned with advanced laser technology.
  • Canals are sterilized with ozone.
  • The tooth is re-filled, sealed, and protected with a temporary filling (eventually replaced by a crown).
  • If the dentist discovers blocked or narrow canals, endodontic surgery may be necessary for access from the tip of the root.
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