Pulp revascularization saves youthful smiles in Beverly Hills, CA

Exciting advances are being made in regenerative endodontic treatment. Our progressive team gives parents in the Beverly Hills, CA area an alternative to extraction or root canal therapy to save their children’s smiles. It is called pulp revascularization, and it is available at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills.

When is pulp revascularization an option?

From about age six through late teen years, secondary teeth gradually replace a child’s primary teeth. Losing an adult tooth at this early stage can have a serious impact on the child’s oral development. Neighboring teeth may shift out of position, increasing risk of decay, gum disease, and TMJ disorders.

Pulp revascularization can be an alternative to extraction or conventional root canal therapy for a patient with damage or infection to an immature permanent tooth. It involves removal of pulp necrosis, allowing natural root development, and thus preserving the child’s own living tooth.

Tissue engineering

Tissue engineering is use of stem cells to repair body tissues or organs. Soon, we may be able to grow a whole new organic tooth from a single stem cell. Meanwhile, pulp revascularization generates vital living tissue at the core of a tooth.

Adult, or postnatal, stem cells are harvested from pulp, periodontal ligaments, or other parts of the mouth. They are placed into the prepared tooth where they clone, rapidly. This reestablishes blood flow and regenerates nerves and pulp through the release of natural growth factors.

Why don’t all dentists do this?

The pulp revascularization procedure is cutting-edge dentistry. Many conventional practitioners are not familiar with the technique, or lack the training, instruments, and expertise to administer it.

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