Guna Osteobios


For the temporary relief of symptoms related to acute and chronic fractures and impaired bone metabolism such as sharp and dull bone pain, slow healing fractures.



  • Uses: Adjuvant treatment of osteoporosis
  • Directions: 20 drops twice a day for two months at least
  • Package size: 30 ml/1.0 fl. Oz. bottle
  • Ingredients: Bone 10X/30X/200X, Calcarea fluorica 12X/30X/200X, Calcarea carbonica 12X/30X/200X, Calcarea phosphorica 12X/30X/200X, Calcitonin 6XL-isoleucine 3X, L-leucine 3X, L-lysine 3X, L-methionine 3X, L-phenylalanine 3X,  L-threonine 3X, L-tryptophan 3X, L-valine 3X, Parathyroid gland 10X/30X/200X