PRF regeneration for prompt healing in Beverly Hills, CA

Most people experience about two weeks of healing time following an oral surgery. Our dentists use platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) regeneration to significantly reduce recovery time and increase comfort. Patients throughout Beverly Hill, CA and beyond are enjoying improved outcomes with this natural, healthful technique.

What is PRF regeneration?

Platelets are a component of blood that serve as reservoirs of cytokines and growth factors. Platelets are essential for renewal of bone and healing of soft tissues. Platelet-rich fibrin is a concentration of platelets from your own blood.

Our periodontist uses PRF for:

  • Proper healing of wisdom tooth extraction sites. PRF protects jawbone from bacterial contaminants, and enriches the socket with healing proteins.
  • Socket preservation following tooth extraction. PRF fills the space between a freshly-placed dental implant and biological tissues.
  • Speedier healing and osseointegration of dental implants.
  • Predictable bone grafts.
  • Soft tissue healing in gum grafting procedures and other oral surgeries.
This therapeutic tissue engineering alternative is biocompatible to living tissues, non-toxic, and has no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.

The process

Obtaining and preparing PRF is quick and virtually painless:
  • One vial of blood is drawn for each surgical site.
  • It is placed in test tubes and spun in a centrifuge.
  • Blood separates into red cells, plasma, and a buffy coat of concentrated platelets and white cells.
  • The PRF product is immediately introduced into surgical sites during the dental procedure.
  • Surgical discomfort and swelling are reduced.
  • Healing of hard and soft tissues is accelerated.
The faster healing induced by PRF regeneration reduces risk of infection, dry socket, and cavitations. It improves the success rate of grafting and implants. This therapy is vital for individuals with impaired ability to heal, including smokers, diabetics, and those with other health conditions.

For safe PRF regeneration, call the progressive team at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills – (310) 692-7855.