Get a gleaming smile with laser teeth whitening in Beverly Hills, CA

Many dental practices advertise laser teeth whitening, but actually use simple light. The difference is critical to convenience and results. The hygiene team at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills utilizes a true laser teeth whitening process to safely brighten Beverly Hills, CA smiles in just 20 minutes.

Laser advantage

Professional whitening systems utilize a peroxide compound to loosen and lift pigments from tubules – tiny channels in tooth enamel. Our formulation contains special particles that absorb laser energy, activating peroxide faster. The result is a quick, comfortable experience, with dramatically bright results.

Simple steps to an illuminated smile

The best time to whiten is during a regular checkup. The hygienist removes superficial stains and cleans plaque from tooth surfaces. During examination, the dentist makes sure no problems such as tooth decay or gum disease are present, and records the initial shade of teeth. Then whitening can begin.
  • Lips are protected with a soothing emollient.
  • Soft tissues are kept out of the way with cheek retractors.
  • Shielding eyewear is provided.
  • Protectant is applied to gums.
  • Whitening gel and activator are mixed to a concentration of about 38 percent hydrogen peroxide.
  • A thin, uniform layer is immediately applied to teeth, with great care to keep it off tongue, lips, gingiva, and throat.
  • The hygienist uses a handpiece to deliver laser energy to one quadrant at a time.
  • The laser activation process is repeated. This minimizes heating of tooth structures.
  • The whitening agent remains on teeth another five minutes.
  • Gel and gum protector are flushed with a gentle spray of air and water, and suctioned away.
  • Teeth receive a final polish for added luster.
  • The new shade is compared to your original coloration.
Results are immediate and long-lasting. Patients are advised to avoid staining foods and beverages for 48 hours.

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