Dr. Anamaria Muresan

Dr. Anamaria Muresan

Dr. Anamaria Muresan is a California Board Certified Dentist who spent 16 years as a dental ceramist (CDT) in a prestigious, globally recognized dental lab prior to receiving her DMD. Having earned her doctoral credentials and having completed a one-year continuum in implant dentistry with gIDE and LLU, Dr. Muresan returned to practice in Newport Beach, where she performed advanced restorative work, including implant placement, as well as smile design and cosmetic dentistry. She is dedicated to integrating aesthetics as part of total dental and overall health while creating a natural smile using non-toxic materials and methods.

She is also SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) Certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) in the safe removal of mercury fillings.

Dr. Muresan enjoys the Holistic side of dentistry and feels that prevention and patient education are the keys to a healthy smile. She loves to use her time and skills to volunteer and went to Africa, where she provided dental care and educated hundreds of children on caries prevention, providing instructions on brushing, flossing, and using nature’s best antibacterial rinse: ozonated water.

Dr. Muresan is an AACD accreditation candidate and a member of IAOMT and AAO.

Dr. Anamaria Muresan describes her role in providing biologically-friendly dentistry to patients

Dr. Anamaria Muresan - Introdction Video

I’m Dr. Anamaria Muresan. I’m a general dentist from California. I’m doing most general dentistry which requires restoration of the teeth. I’m doing Smile Designs, I’m placing implants and composite restorations. Inlays are better than fillings because they are stronger, they last longer, and the way we are doing them is by biomimetically building that tooth in substrates to replenish the tooth structure that will recreate the density of a dentine and it will not be as leaky as a regular composite filling.

The most common issue that the patients are seeking in holistic dentistry is amalgam fillings. Those are also known as silver fillings and they have almost 50 percent of mercury element content. So, we use a series of barriers and suctions so we can suction the vapor produced during the release of the procedure. So, the patients or the clinician who have to inhale or ingest the material.

In working better as a team is having a trained, experienced clinician team that will take into account the entire patient’s body by changing the paradigm shift by using the materials that are non-toxic and safe that they won’t create immune suppressive symptoms and will be more biologically-friendly to the body.