Solutions for snoring: Dental device used for sleep apnea and snoring in Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills, CA area patients who are faced with snoring issues may be dealing with more than just a nagging, chronic noise. Instead, they may be diagnosed with a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This condition is a sleeping disorder associated with a blockage in the airways causing patients to stop breathing hundreds of times a night – and deal with snoring! Patients who visit Dr. Sanda Moldovan and her team at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills are welcome to ask about the advantages of using a dental device for sleep apnea and snoring.

Dr. Moldovan Sanda at Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness is giving solution for snoring.

What is obstructive sleep apnea?

Dr. Sanda Moldovan describes obstructive sleep apnea as a sleeping problem that results in a blockage in the airway. This may be caused by the tongue falling back into the throat or even excess fat around the neck that obstructs the airway. A primary physician often performs a sleep study to properly diagnose the condition, and many doctors will encourage patients to use a device called a CPAP machine. However, many of them do not comply with treatment because CPAP can be noisy, uncomfortable, and difficult to travel with. Instead, patients may want to speak to their dentist about using a dental device to reduce the symptoms of the disorder.

How does obstructive sleep apnea differ from snoring?

Snoring can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, but it doesn’t mean that a patient has OSA. It is important to visit a doctor to determine whether the sleeping disorder coexists with the snoring or if the snoring is the sole problem. Snoring, no matter how it is caused, can be addressed with a special oral appliance that keeps the airways open and reduces the friction caused in the airways by the soft tissues – resulting in the unwanted noise as patients sleep.

What does a dental device accomplish?

A dental device helps keep the jaw aligned, the tongue down, and the airways open to reduce snoring and address blockages that often cause obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Sanda Moldovan and her team encourage patients to find out if a dental appliance can be used instead of a CPAP machine for a patient’s specific condition, because it is:

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Effective

Many patients prefer the use of an oral appliance, similar to a mouth guard, for comfort and ease of use.

Who is a candidate for oral appliance therapy?

To determine candidacy for these special dental devices for sleep apnea and snoring, patients need to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Sanda Moldovan. She can perform an initial evaluation and discuss concerns with patients to decide if oral appliance therapy is a positive way to continue with treatment for OSA or chronic snoring. This allows patients to avoid the use of a CPAP machine and move forward with a less cumbersome alternative.

How much does oral appliance therapy cost?

The special dental devices used for OSA and snoring are relatively affordable. Many patients will find that their dental insurance may cover part of the cost, or all of it, depending on their specific policy. Our front office team can help patients determine if they have coverage for oral appliance therapy. They encourage patients to bring their dental insurance cards to their appointment for further information.

Do dental devices work for snoring?

Yes! We find that many patients are happy with the results of consistent use of their dental device. If patients do not wear their oral appliance, they may be at risk for the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, and they may upset their sleeping partner with their continued snoring!

Interested in discussing solutions for snoring?

Whether you are a chronic snorer or are dealing with a condition such as obstructive sleep apnea, Dr. Sanda Moldovan has a solution for you! Beverly Hills, CA area patients are welcome to book an appointment at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills to learn about the options available to them, including oral appliance therapy. Her practice can be reached by calling (310) 692-7855, and it is conveniently located at 465 North Roxbury Drive, Suite #911.

Dr. Sanda Moldovan, Periodontist and Nutritionist

Dr. Sanda Moldovan, Periodontist and Nutritionist
Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness

An alumnus from the Ohio State University School of Dentistry and UCLA, Dr. Moldovan is an extremely skilled and board-certified professional who is internationally recognized as a speaker for her wealth of knowledge, charity work and contribution to society. In addition to being a certified nutritionist, she is also a published author and speaker. She introduced ORASANA® which is her own range of natural oral healthcare products.

Dr. Moldovan is an advocate of biological dentistry and uses her public recognition to educate people on the link between good oral care and general wellbeing.

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