Patients in Beverly Hills, CA move easier with body alignment

Chiropractic began in this country in 1895, when Daniel David Palmer restored Harvey Lillard’s partial hearing loss with a spinal adjustment. However, body alignment as a healing method dates back to ancient Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Shamanic medicine. Today, Dr. Joseph Canul lends his skill and experience to the whole-body wellness approach at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills, in Beverly Hills, CA.

Benefits of body alignment

Most of our population has some level of spinal misalignment from stress, posture, trauma, poor nutrition, or toxicity. While a body alignment session is soothing, often bringing immediate relief of tension, benefits go much deeper.

  • Unblocks natural healing processes – Chronic emotional or physical stress obstructs the flow of energy through the body. Chiropractic alignment uniquely addresses internal and external factors that impede the body’s ability to heal itself.
  • Decreases joint dysfunction – Spinal misalignment causes premature wear and destruction of joint tissues. Regular adjustments improve mobility and performance, reduce fatigue, and help to alleviate pain felt when the joints are in motion and at rest. Many of our patients say they sleep better!
  • Increases nerve function – Your body and brain constantly communicate through a delicate system of nerves that travel through the spine. When the body is not aligned, nerves become compressed. Their altered signals can trigger a broad range of dysfunction, from weight gain to headaches. This underlying cause of common health problems can be difficult to detect since you may have absolutely no pain from a compressed nerve.

What to expect

Dr. Canul begins with a review of your medical history and unhurried discussion about your current concerns, traumatic events, and lifestyle. He conducts a thorough examination and takes low-radiation digital x-rays of your spine. The he uses hands-on manipulation and other techniques to gently restore or improve body balance.

New patients are welcome. Call (310) 692-7855 to book an appointment.

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