The VEMI Bed Experience for Elevating Relaxation, Massage, and Wellness to New Heights

VEMI Bed Relaxation in Beverly Hills CA Area

The VEMI bed takes stress reduction, meditation, and relaxation to new heights! Led by Dr. Sanda Moldovan, our associates at Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness are thrilled to help patients in the Beverly Hills, California area. Our services help fight stress and pain, accelerate deep introspection and self-reflection, restore regenerative sleep, curb insomnia, and nourish cognitive function and memory.  We do so with a multi-faceted system. VEMI stands for the three technologies that are in one sophisticated bed (machine):  “V” for “Vibroacoustic” – Sound waves are delivered through a professional-grade headset and full-body lounger. “E” and “M” for “Electro” … Continue reading

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