Teeth straightening in Beverly Hills, CA: Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Dr. Moldovan Sanda at Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness explain the difference between Invisalign and Traditional Braces.

When patients are interested in straightening their teeth, they often believe that braces are the only way to achieve a more attractive smile. Luckily, traditional braces are not necessary for many patients in the area of Beverly Hills, CA. Instead, patients are encouraged to ask Dr. Linda Makuta of Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills about the advantages of moving forward with Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign explained

Dr. Linda Makuta is an Invisalign provider who is proud to offer this solution for patients who are faced with misaligned teeth. Invisalign is a method of treatment that differs from traditional braces. This method uses transparent aligners worn over the dental arch to reposition the teeth instead of using metal brackets and wires. Many patients prefer this method because it is more discreet than conventional options. Invisalign works! It is best for patients with mild to moderate misalignment of the teeth or bite.

Invisalign vs. braces


There are many reasons patients choose Invisalign when compared with traditional solutions. Invisalign is:

  • More comfortable. Invisalign aligner trays are made with smooth, medical-grade plastic that is worn on the teeth.
  • Easy to clean. Invisalign trays are removed by patients to eat and care for their smile. Once removed, these trays can be easily cleaned by patients with brushing or soaking in aligner cleaning solutions as needed.
  • Better for periodontal health. With traditional braces, patients must attempt to brush and floss around brackets and wires over their teeth. This can result in poor oral hygiene. Instead, with Invisalign, patients can remove their trays and then brush and floss as they normally would. This improves oral health throughout treatment.
  • Affordable. Many patients find that Invisalign is a similar cost to that of conventional braces, making it the “clear choice.”
  • Discreet. Speaking of clear, the trays used for Invisalign treatment are completely clear and difficult to distinguish from the natural teeth. This ensures patients can have a straighter smile without having to deal with the appearance of conventional braces on the teeth for months or years.
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Are Invisalign braces right for me?

The best candidates for this treatment are those who want to straighten their smiles without braces and have mild to moderate misalignment. Patients with bite alignment issues may also find Invisalign to be an appropriate option for them. Dr. Linda Makuta and her team can assess a patient during an initial consultation appointment and evaluation to determine if they are a candidate for Invisalign and discuss the process.

What is the process for obtaining Invisalign trays?

Dr. Moldovan Sanda at Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness explain the process for obtaining Invisalign trays.

First, patients are assessed during their evaluation appointment with Dr. Linda Makuta and her team at Dental Health and Wellness Beverly Hills. Candidacy is determined before impressions are taken of the smile in its current state. A computer system digitizes these to develop a series of numbered trays that are fabricated by the Invisalign laboratory for the patient. These trays are sent to the dental office and patients return to pick up their trays. Invisalign trays are intended to be worn at all times, day and night, except when removed for eating or cleaning. When patients comply with treatment, they will enjoy the benefits of faster results. without compliance, patients may experience extended treatment times and may incur extra fees for new trays. It is best for candidates to understand the importance of complying with tray use for optimum results.

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Dr. Linda Makuta and her staff are here to assist patients in the Beverly Hills, CA area with their dental concerns, including teeth that are misaligned. With the use of Invisalign, patients can achieve the smiles of their dreams without having to cover their teeth with metal brackets and wires. We encourage patients to take the time to learn about alternative solutions such as this. Contact our team by calling (310) 692-7855 or visiting the office located at 465 North Roxbury Drive, Suite #911.

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