Uniquely Tailored O3 Dental Cleanings at Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness

Uniquely Tailored Holistic Yet High-tech O3 Dental Cleanings Exclusive to Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness in Beverly Hills Area

Our anti-inflammatory, anti-cavity cleanings are tailored to a patient’s individual needs. A unique blend of natural antioxidant and immune-supporting products makes us one of the only offices in Southern California to offer this. Since ozone is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties, we believe in the extra expense to ozonate our water (a practice more common in Europe) for the best teeth and gum care, which translates into whole-body wellness.  While most offices traditionally scrape and polish teeth, without much cutting-edge change, Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness cleanings offer the exclusive combination of Air Flow Therapy—with either … Continue reading