Smile Fairies Transform Lives Through Smiles

Every night millions of Americans go to bed hungry and in pain due to their inability to chew food properly from loss of teeth. Many are our country’s disabled, seniors, children, military vets, prisoners of war, survivors of domestic abuse and those suffering from alcoholism, addiction, cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other debilitating diseases.

These once productive citizens retreat from society due to missing teeth. They simply can’t afford the costs of the urgent dental care they need to improve basic chewing functions to live their daily lives, and healthy smiles to pursue tomorrow’s dreams.

For those whose life’s challenges have rendered them powerless over the state of their mouths from gum disease, teeth decay, or injuries, Dr. Sanda Moldovan and her Smile Fairies provide critical pro bono dental care—in a safe and nurturing environment.

Smile Fairies are a group of caring providers, who represent the nation’s leading dental health experts, who are renowned for their scientific expertise and aesthetic designs of full mouth rejuvenations and restorations. They replace dental pain with non-addictive medicinal relief, and their non-invasive surgical laser techniques restore healthier mouths with less healing time. Afterwards, Smile Fairies gift patients with tools and tips for maintaining and improving their rejuvenated oral health. No matter life’s circumstances these are wings which can’t be clipped, compliments of the Smile Fairies.

In 2018, Smile Fairies / Wings-on-Wheels, our new 42-foot mobile dental clinic, is rolling in to rural communities where little or no access to quality oral health care exists. Our Smile Fairies mobile dental office will go out on the road twice a year, connecting and caring for patients who urgently need mercury-free fillings, extractions, dentures and in some cases, a full set of implants and crowns in just one day.

Smile fairies give people back their dreams – one smile at a time.

* Contact us and stay informed on Smile Fairies’ Wings-on-Wheels 2018 tour of dental duty HERE, or send your comments or questions to

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